Cheeky Shipper with Musical Tendencies

Jake is our head shipper and resident comedian. If anyone can get a giant, heavy table across the continent in one piece and on time then Jake is your man.  Jake also delivers our tables and installs them on Vancouver Island and the lower mainland. He can usually be found in the shipping bay packing up a crate, and you always know when he's around as you can hear the drum beat of his tool/pen/fingers. When asked for three words that describe himself Jake offered up "Totally F#@king Awesome" or "Ultimate Supreme Being".


"Music, my kids."


I collect concert tickets.


"Drumming, woodworking and fishing"


"Mostly metal."

Favorite Tree...

"Western Bigleaf Maple."


"I'm currently reading "The Hobbit", for the hundreth time."

Some projects that Jake has worked on...

Phantom bar table
Phantom bar table
Wall Panels
Wall Panels
Alder grove table SV
Alder grove table SV
Team Live Edge