Woodworker, workaholic with a wealth of experience

Todd has never taken a coffee break. When the boss tells him he must stop working he simply starts to work on something different. Todd used to own a custom furniture shop and has a wealth of experience in building almost anything out of wood. Currently he makes wall art and mirrors when he runs out of Live Edge things to do.

“Over the years I have taken some courses in Benchwork Joinery. I’ve also worked in home design and as a draftsperson. I have spent 19 years making cabinets and furniture. I woodwork as a hobby too, designing, building and marketing artistic wall mirrors (

For the most part, I’ve learned by doing. I like and respect the people I work with here at Live Edge. My work and input is always valued, from design to production.  I enjoy the unique concept of using full slabs of the tree instead of glueing up narrow pieces of wood."

Todd describes himself as forgetful, passionate, and perhaps a bit of a workaholic.


"I have one dog. Sugar. She’s a sweetheart."


"To improve. Being creative with designs and the wood I sketch . . . sometimes it comes from me and sometimes it comes from the wood."


"If I could be any superhero ever, I’d have to go with Spiderman. I love to climb. I do. And I like climbing trees."

Celebrity Crush...

"Sandra Bullock."

Favorite Tree...


Favorite thing that’s come out of the Shop...

"Phantom communal table"

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